Jaynics Technology Ltd.

Starting as an international procurement center for its German  customer since its first establishment in 2002, Jaynics Technolgy Ltd. has been dealing in consumer electronic field for over 20 years. With our strong purchasing power, and closed connection with all our subcontracted factories, we are able to provide full product source for consumer electronic items ranging from Television, Tablet PCs, Smart watches, Bluetooth speakers and home appliances including Robot Vacuum cleaner, Electric trash can, and there are lots more to be listed.


Other than providing product sourcing and procurement, we have dedicated teams to  provide package customization and logistic service to customers based on their requirements, and that covers OEM/ODM business as well. We understand that many customers decide to source from China, but due to jet lag, cutture or perhaps some language barrier which resulting in the difficulty managing their supply chain.

With abundant experience, Jaynics can always serves as a bridge and is capable to assist customers finding all their required items with competitive cost and fulfill all their special requirements.

You are more than welcomed to contact us any time for product inquiries or any questions.